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Claiming your charity and viewing grant reports on

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Claiming your charity and viewing grant reports on

Helping charities of all shapes and sizes tell their story to the world! We believe every charity deserves the opportunity to be discovered regardless of size or financial status.

This section assumes that you have not previously claimed your charity on For additional information on viewing and downloading grant reports, please scroll down.

Important: OrgHunter 3.0 contains new enhanced features based on the requirements of organizations like yours. The platform now supports multiple users and the ability to claim multiple organizations under a single group. If your group is managing multiple organizations, a dropdown menu at the top of the page will allow you to switch between them.

Scenario 1

Your organization is new to OrgHunter and intends to claim multiple organizations.

  • Claim only one organization and complete the vetting process. This will allow you to create a group on the OrgHunter platform. Once you have been approved, you can claim and add additional organizations to your group.

Scenario 2

Your organization has claimed multiple organizations using OrgHunter 2.0 and used unique emails to claim them.

  • Please send a list of the EINs to, and our team will consolidate them under a single group profile. Be sure to provide the main account email address used to claim the organization, and we will make it the primary login for the group. Once this is complete, you can add additional team members.

Download the step-by-step PDF in the link below to claim your organization on

Access Donor Reports and Claiming an Organization

Use this helpful PDF guide to claim your organization and download grant reports for your organization.

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