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Unlock the Power of Charity Integration with OrgHunter's Charity API

In today's digital landscape, integrating charitable initiatives into your platform is essential for fostering philanthropy and enhancing community impact. The Charity API offers a comprehensive suite of tools to connect users with over 2.5 million US charities and over 87,000 Canadian charities. Here’s a detailed look at each feature:

Charity Search Summary API

The Charity Search Summary API allows you to search IRS-registered nonprofits extensively. You can quickly identify charities that align with your goals by entering specific criteria such as location, cause, or status. This API simplifies finding the right charity for your users, ensuring they can support causes that resonate with them.

Charity NTEE Classification API

Utilizing the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE), this API classifies charities into detailed categories based on their primary functions. This classification system helps users understand the focus and mission of each charity, making it easier to find organizations that match their interests. Whether users are looking for environmental groups, health organizations, or educational institutions, the NTEE Classification API provides precise categorization.

Charity Basic API

The Charity Basic API offers essential information on a charity’s IRS status, including their registration details and tax-exempt status. This data ensures that users can verify the legitimacy of the charities they wish to support, promoting transparency and trust in the donation process. This API helps build confidence among donors by providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Charity GeoLocation API

Integrating geographical data, the Charity GeoLocation API allows users to find charities based on location. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to support local initiatives or participate in community events. By mapping charities in their vicinity, users can easily identify and connect with organizations that directly impact their community.

Charity Financial API

Transparency in financial dealings is crucial for any charitable organization. The Charity Financial API offers detailed financial data from the charity’s latest filings, including revenue, expenses, and funding sources. This information enables potential donors to make informed decisions by understanding how charities allocate their resources and ensuring their contributions are used effectively.

Charity Premium API

The Charity Premium API combines detailed financial data and geographical information to provide a comprehensive overview of each charity. This powerful tool offers insights into a charity’s operations, financial health, and local presence, making it easier for users to select organizations that align with their philanthropic goals. The Premium API is ideal for businesses and platforms offering a robust charity integration experience.

Why Sign Up for Charity API?

By signing up for the OrgHunter Charity API, you can access a powerful tool suite that enhances your platform’s capability to support charitable giving. Whether you’re looking to provide detailed charity information, facilitate local donations, or ensure transparency in financial dealings, Charity API has the resources you need. Empower your users to make meaningful contributions and drive positive community change.

For more information and to get started, visit the Charity API List. Sign up today and transform how you integrate charitable initiatives into your platform!

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