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We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Affiliate Fundraising Plugin, designed to revolutionize the way you support your favorite causes. With seamless integration and user-friendly features, this free tool empowers you to effortlessly raise funds for over 2.5 million US-based charities and 87 thousand Canadian charities. Whether you are a passionate individual, a dedicated nonprofit, or a community-driven organization, our plugin provides the perfect platform to amplify your impact and drive positive change.
Imagine the possibilities as you harness the power of affiliate marketing to support a vast network of charitable organizations. By simply embedding our plugin into your website or blog, you can turn everyday shopping into meaningful contributions without any extra cost to your supporters. Together, we can create a ripple effect of generosity, making a significant difference in countless lives.
Join us in our mission to make every donation count. Discover the ease and effectiveness of our Affiliate Fundraising Plugin today, and be a part of a community dedicated to creating a better world for all.
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Connect your business with over 2.5 million US charities and 87 thousand Canadian charities.

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